About me

Hi, I’m Alex and welcome to my site!

My passion is building things, but building them in an efficient and simple way. If there’s something that can be automated, simplified, or done faster – especially if it’s with cool new tools – then I’m all over it. People should be focused on creativity, coming up with innovative ideas, and implementing those, not tedious, manual work.

I’m currently applying this passion to digitally transforming business with Microsoft’s Power Platform and Azure.

My background

For the past 15 years, I’ve been implementing business applications worldwide for various industries and clients. My main focus is re-engineering and automating business management, delivering solutions that connect clients and businesses and helping build transparent and engaging relationships.

Over the years I’ve created a number of successful software products, many of which were based on popular CRM platforms such as SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

I’ve also worked on CRM projects in the banking industry, driving BPMS and SOA paradigm adoption, and delivering low-code/no code software and solutions for enterprises while improving the development and implementation process. I established a CRM practice and grew it from one person to more than 50 employees, multiple products and 250+ happy clients worldwide.

My current focus

I’ve been fortunate to manage and supervise hundreds of business software projects, products, and programs in small, medium, and large companies, including major brands in different industries. Now I am using that experience to help companies navigate different environments and circumstances, selecting the right approach and methodology.

Here are some of the directions I’m currently working on.

Microsoft Power Platform.

While I’ve had the opportunity to work with many platforms and CRM solutions, I’ve solely focused on Dynamics CRM for the last seven years. This platform has grown and evolved and has now been re-branded as Microsoft PowerApps and Power Platform.

I truly believe that, despite a lot of shortcomings and bugs, it is the best platform for business automation on the market at the moment. It will only continue to get better and outperform all other solutions by far.

Power users and business analysts can also use the platform to create amazing solutions at light-speed.


I coach and train people who want to start working with Power Platform (Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Microsoft Flow). This is often either IT professionals who want to pivot to a new platform and advance their career or non-IT folks who come from other professions.

Solution Architect

This is my passion and my most successful line of work. By combining Power Platform with Microsoft Azure, I can create solutions for businesses with amazing reliability, redundancy, resiliency, performance, and security.


I can help businesses understand the right direction they need to go with their business management environment and help them to make an educated and data-based decision.

Citizen development

I’m open to connecting with anybody in the domain of business applications implementation and Digital Transformation with help of Power Platform, Dataverse, Dynamics 365 in general to share knowledge and experience. I’m a believer in efficiency and optimization of both business operations as well as the Digital Transformation itself and now focus on popularizing Citizen Development. Happy to share my experience on how to govern Citizen Development with Power Platform successfully and to run complex digital transformation programs with Microsoft tech.