Microsoft Power Platform – Expanding Dynamics 365 CRM

The importance of data for organizations is increasing every day. However, you often find yourself lost in optimizing business processes while completely ignoring the importance of data you are collecting. That is not your fault. While dealing with so many applications, processes, and challenges at the same time, you cannot find enough breathing room to create a business strategy around the available data.

Microsoft Power Platform
Microsoft Power Platform

In several instances, expanding a CRM platform’s role could be beneficial for a company. In addition, if you run a company that utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Office 365, you are in luck. Microsoft Power Platform now empowers organizations like never before. If you face a business process issue now, you will not be looking for a solution. Instead, you will be creating a solution. Here is how.

Microsoft Power Platform – How It Helps Users

Microsoft is well aware that every day users and businesses require the ability to make customizations to the Dynamics 365 solution with ease. This is where the Microsoft Power Platform’s role comes into play. It uses three strong tools for this. Here they are:

Power BI

Being an efficient intelligence software solution, the Microsoft Power BI is more than capable of getting data from Dynamics 365, data centers, cloud, excel spreadsheets, and various other resources. Users can analyze and combine the data with ease to gain valuable insights. The past few years, in particular, saw this tool grow and the limitless potential it has.

You do not have to make business decisions based on what you “feel” is right when you have data to back up your decisions. Microsoft likes to describe it as a method of creating opportunities from data. And companies are likely grasping that idea too as is clear according to various surveys. For example, this BI-Survey shows better business decisions being the third most important benefit of using business intelligence. All of the respondents in the survey were users of BI tools.

Power Apps

This Microsoft solution offers ease for users who do not know much about tech to make easy to make apps by themselves. Because of this feature, even everyday users can make user friendly and functional apps without worrying about writing codes. Suffice to say it increases efficiency and productivity by tenfold.

Power Automate

Power Automate (previously known as Flow) is workplace automation software by Microsoft that helps users to introduce automation to various business processes that they find complex. Once again, the benefit of flow just like every other software offered by Microsoft Power Platform is that users do not require too much technical expertise. Using the interface is quite simple and you can trigger your workflows through Power Bi, third party apps, or other apps developed through Power Apps.

Automate, Act, and Analyze With Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform helps users to analyze their business data, take action on what they find, followed by automating future processes:

  • The Power Bi helps you to closely analyze data sets that are relevant and assessing various problems.
  • Flow will help you to move forward through its automation capabilities
  • Power Apps will let you create custom apps capable of acting on your findings and learning from the data

Power Platform – Helping Businesses to Thrive

As mentioned abundantly, you do not have to be an IT expert to understand the Microsoft Power Platform. Its results speak from themselves.

Case in Point

A worker from American Red Cross utilized the platform for improving the ordering process of training supplies. This helped over 650 first aid and CPR instructors from different parts of the world.

Another Success Story

A psychology student who did not have any IT background whatsoever used Flow and PowerApps for making an app for universal audit.

Suffice to say, CRM brings endless possibilities, so much so that the CRM market could rise up close to 30 billion Dollars by 2022.

Bottom Line

Suffice to say Power Platform empowers users in many ways. It streamlines work and other work related processes very efficiently. You should consider incorporating this platform to your organization as it would improve its decision making process, refine campaign design, and risk management along with a plethora of other advantages. If you want to find out more about Microsoft Power Platform and other similar subjects, keep on reading this blog as it discusses a diverse range of CRM related topics.

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